About Ovinache

The unique village "OVINACHE" is situated at 1200 meters above sea level in the heart of the Pirin Mountains. The houses are located a kilometer and a half above the town of Bansko, 200 meters from the main ski slopes and next to the ski lifts and ski facilities of the resort. Nestled in a splendid pine forest with a passing by creek, the climate of the area is balanced, with 4 seasons - winter is as white as a fairy tale, autumn - soft and golden, spring - cool and green, summer - warm and gentle. In the embrace of centuries-old pine trees, Ovinache will offer you comfort, discretion, tradition and luxury at the same time. The complex combines houses in the style of the Bulgarian renaissance with natural stone tiling and decorative wooden lining. The houses are surrounded by gardens, enclosed by a white-stone wall and are located at the most panoramic spot in the area. From their balconies and windows you can see the majestic mountain peaks, the slopes and the town of Bansko from above. And in the gardens the outdoor barbecue enchants with a cozy canopy and a festive nnok. Here you can meet friends, celebrate a special occasion or just kiss your beloved person under the huge stars above Pirin.

About the area

"Ovinache" is the only village in the Pirin mountain that is located next to the main ski slope and borders with the Pirin National Park. From here you can see the steep slope of Tomba during the day and the shining lights of Bansko during the night. Bansko is about 150 km away the capital Sofia and about 50 km away from the border with Greece. The charming town combines Renaissance style and modern infrastructure; small family villas and modern spa hotels; home taverns and new amusement facilities. The resort has a total of 75 km of ski slopes, artificial snow facilities, multiple lifts and a large cabin lift; guests can enjoy the scenic eco-trails, music festivals and a rich cultural calendar. In the vicinity of Bansko you can find two modern golf courses, built according to world standards. Less than 10 km away are the town of Razlog and the village of Banya with hot mineral springs and spa centers for treatment of pulmonary and heart diseases.